ZLX105A eData Logger is designed as a all-in-one function consisting of load moment indicator (LMI), regional protection, anti-collision, email notification, wind detection, the black box recorder (Data Logger) and other optional features like SMS alert to Mobilephone, in one modular combination system. Another great features is that the Data Logger informations can be retrieved in Office at anytime, without the need ascending to Tower Crane for retrieval.

Through R&D, we had integrated the advantages of modular technology to allow End Users to achieve lower costs, with multiple functions & purposes and high reliability.

Our system is capable to activate SMS Alert to relevant parties mobile phone if abnormal condition like components malfunction, human misjudgement and unsafe behaviour. As such, Management team could respond quickly and stop the operations to avoid mishap or serious accidents. Thus, investigations & rectifications could be able to carry out in the soonest time. Fundamentally, this sytem will greatly enhanced for a Safer construction environments.

Types of critical condition for Alert Activation:

1. Anti-Collision Bypassed

2. Over Load and Over Moment

3. Hoisting & Trolley Limit Switch distance exceeded Limit Cut position

4. Crane operating out of Designated Zone area

5. System is Tampered

Tower Crane Live Informations

Online Data Logger

ZLX105A Online Tower Crane Allocation Map