Our network camera is especially designed for Saddle Jib & Luffing Jib Tower Crane which has a fixed viewing direction. With network video, users can access Real-time video at any moment to view Live operations of the Tower Crane, from any authorized computer or mobile phone anywhere. (Optional). Additionally, it is recordable and is applicable for Indoor and Outdoor use(Weather Proof). They’re resistant to sun, rain, cold, heat and rough weather.

Fixed camera offerings include the traditional camera type where the camera and the direction in which it is pointing are clearly visible with Zoom In/Zoom out(30x) functionality by stepping Foot Pedal Switch in the Cabin to view the Load.

It is especially useful for Operator to view his Load at blind spot area over the building, which greatly enhanced Safety to the Tower Crane operations. Further more, it also acts as a surveillance to Lifting Team which can effectively eliminate Human errors or complacency.

Drone Aerial Photography