An Introduction to ZLX Engineering

ZLX Engineering Pte Ltd

Our company ZLX Engineering Pte Ltd start-off from a humble background with an Anti-Collision system Product. Along the way we has become a leader in the field of Safety provision to Tower Crane Industry with varieties of Safety system equipment like Tower Crane Camera, CCTV etc. We have catered to several organizations in the past and have had a good working relation with all of them, and with satisfactions. Through the years, ZLX Engineering Pte Ltd has been constantly improving product performance to match customer requirements and needs. We provide fast and comprehensive service; regardless of project size, we will deliver our promise in the initial agreement, as Credibility and Reliability is our business principle.

As a company we offer you services & solutions that are of the highest standard and at extremely competitive rates. Also, our Teams of Engineers & Technicians are well-trained with strong experiences in Tower crane environment which had boost confidences and trust to our Clients.

Business Structure

Our companies specialize in different inter-complimenting disciplines that work together with ZLX Engineering's Tower Crane Safety Systems to provide you the best quality solutions.