Our Crane Anti-Collision and CCTV systems make hazardous work safer, and bring confidence to your Lifting Operations.

Facilitating Safe Construction

Workplace Safety is a major concern for many industries, and our products focus on creating a safe environment for Tower Crane Industry in Construction Sites.

Product Innovation

In our current industry, technology is very dynamic. Thus to provide and equipped our customers with the most up-to-date apparatus and equipment, we constantly carry out R&D to enhance our products.

Corporate Relations

At ZLX Engineering, we look to grow with our corporate partners. Thus we approach all customers with sincerity and share our knowledge to asisst customers to make the most informed decisions.

About Our Crane Safety Systems

eData Logger Anti-Collision Systems

Anti-Collision Systems aid in Tower Crane operations and creates a safe construction environment. With innovations, it is integrated with Online Monitoring & critical event alert system.

Tower Crane networking CCTV system

Our new safety feature allowed Tower Crane Operator to view the Hook Block, Jib, Counter Jib and Cabin from our CCTV monitor. It is especially designed for viewing blind spot over the buildings or structures.

Load Moment Indicators (LMI)

Load Moment Indicators are vital equipment in measuring distance & working loads for construction site Tower Crane.

Drone Aerial Photography

4K Video and excellent HD Resolution shooting from the Air, approved with CAAS Operator Permit

Improving Workplace Safety

Fatigue, distraction and other unsafe actions are an issue in construction site operation. Tower Crane accident can be catastrophic and could cause major “downtime” with enormous cost involved. Our Tower Crane Safety equipment of e-Alert Data Logger Anti-Collision system & CCTV system could greatly enhanced Safety to the Tower Crane Industry and improved Operator & Lifting Team awareness for a safer jobsite.

ZLX Engineering Tower Crane Safety equipment system greatly helps reduce the chances of accidents, downtimes and the costs associated with them.

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